Huss Mustafa OAM

Huss is a very proud Australian with a Turkish Cypriot heritage with very humble beginnings who migrated to Australia with his family at the age of 10 at a time where you were expected to assimilate into the Australian way of life and not to be different. Multiculturalism was not promoted than and he had very little support to learn the English language

Huss under these very difficult circumstances was able to in just over 5 years learn the English language, pass his grades and at the ripe old age of 16 obtained his first  job at the then known State Bank Of Victoria which merged with Commonwealth Bank in 1991. 

Huss is now a Senior Executive at Commonwealth Bank of Australia and is the General Manager, Multicultural Community Banking Australia, a division that he initiated in establishing in August 2016. Huss  has 45 years of service with CBA who during this period returned to university part time with the support of CBA and he currently Holds a:

  • Diploma of Business Studies Majoring in Accounting
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Services Management
  • Master of Management,

Huss for over a quarter of a century now has been very active in promoting Cultural Diversity both in the community and his work place and he is also on the CBA’s Cultural Diversity steering committee leading important initiatives in promoting a work force that is reflective of the Multi Cultural – Multi Faith community that we live in.

Huss also serves on a number of Government and Non Government boards including, Chair Person of Multicultural Business Ministerial Council for the Minister for Small Business in Victoria. Huss has also served a 4 year term as a Commissioner at the Victorian Multicultural Commission. 

Huss has been instrumental in leading the way in both at the Commonwealth Bank and the corporate world   in promoting the benefits of a diverse workforce

Huss’s work in promoting Cultural Diversity in the community and the work place was also acknowledged on the 2014 Queens Birthday’s Honours list and was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for his services to Multiculturalism and Business.