Message from Polaron

 “The key to literacy is reading development, a progression of skills which begins with the ability to understand spoken words and decode written words.” – Owlgen, 2019.

It seems like such a simple concept but take a moment and try to imagine a world without literacy. It’s difficult to fathom how our society would function and just what our communication would look like.

Our society has made it increasingly difficult to function without an adequate level of literacy skills. If individuals are unable to interpret and understand information, it can lead to potentially detrimental challenges. This extends into all areas of people’s everyday lives – affecting health, finances and home and working environments. This is especially important for our diverse communities, that may be facing the challenge of finding their feet in a new environment.

Polaron Language Services has certainly established itself at the forefront of bridging the literacy gap within the highly diverse and multicultural framework. We pride ourselves in promoting our core values, through our ability to help organisations communicate with diverse audiences.

I am honoured to sit as an advisory board member at Polaron and congratulate the management and staff on the choice of topic of this year’s forum. I sincerely wish Polaron, the sponsors and event partners the very best success for this important event.

Aaron Hubka

Polaron Advisory Board Member