Mustapha Taibi

Mustapha Taibi is Associate Professor of Interpreting and Translation (Western Sydney University), the leader of the International Community Translation Research Group, and Editor-in-Chief of Translation & Interpreting: The International Journal of Translation and Interpreting Research. 

He has conducted a number of studies on community interpreting and translation, and on communication at institutional settings. 

His publications include an invited book chapter on public service translation, published in The Oxford Handbook of Translation Studies, a book co-authored with Uldis Ozolins entitled Community Translation (Bloomsbury, 2016), three edited volumes (New Insights into Arabic Translation and Interpreting, 2016, Multilingual Matters; Translating for the Community, 2018, Multilingual Matters; and Multicultural Health Translation, Interpreting and Communication,   2019, Routledge), as well as a number of papers in journals such as  Interpreting, Babel, and Multilingua: Journal of Cross-Cultural and Interlanguage Communication.

Dr. Taibi is currently finalising the third edition of Translating Cultures  with Prof. David Katan, and working on a research project on the translation of official documents.