Erika Gonzalez Garcia

Dr Erika Gonzalez is a Senior Lecturer in Translating & Interpreting (T&I) at RMIT University and a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (UK). Currently she is the Program Manager of the RMIT Higher Education T&I programs. RMIT’s Translating and Interpreting discipline is a global leader in the delivery of Higher Education courses for new and emerging languages. Erika is also the National President of the Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators (AUSIT).

Erika’s research focuses on the professionalisation of community T&I and the impact language barriers have on non-English speakers. She is also an active conference interpreter who has worked at high-level international meetings such as the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting; the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources; the International Counter-Improvised Explosive Device Leaders Forum, and Cochlear Australia, among many others. Erika also holds Advanced Translator professional credentials.

Erika believes that in multicultural societies quality T&I services are paramount to enable social equity. Her work and efforts as an academic and researcher are focused on achieving such a goal.