Jesseka Chadderton

Jesseka is a socially oriented scientist with a mind for problem solving and a drive for communication and education. She trained as a research scientist and while participating in academic research into the immune system, viral infections and vaccination, Jesseka keenly observed that scientific research is weighed down by struggles for government funding, major technological inefficiencies and poor mental health amongst students and academics alike. This has led her to search for ways to innovate within the biomedical sector in order to improve the processes around scientific research and translation.

Jesseka now works as part of an antidisciplinary team at the Health Transformation Lab at RMIT University, a space where complex problems are addressed through systems thinking and design principles. She has published about her work in scientific journals Immunity, Journal of Immunology and Processing of National Academy of Sciences as well as on The Conversation. She is the president of Ultimate Victoria – a not-for-profit organisation which supports and promotes the growth of the sport Ultimate Frisbee across the state of Victoria.