Wattleshire helps you build & train for inclusion strategies around differing generations in your business by combining psychology with strategic business insights.

Wattleshire is a consultancy and training organisation that works towards the inclusion and engagement of multigenerational stakeholders in business.
It advises on the interplay of intergenerational factors influencing engagement in globally diverse workforce; and changing behaviours and preferences of consumer psychology – including the Millennials & Generation Z cohort.

Taking on a strategic overview of the client’s business, Wattleshire’s main goal is alignment of the client’s long-term vision and viability of its business – executed by harnessing the talent & revenue pipeline.

Its focus is on understanding generational mindset, behaviours & desires across the age spectrum to enhance targeted brand messaging, digitally driven social engagement, technologically savvy talent leadership and development pipeline programs for long term sustainable value propositions.

Wattleshire provides training, presentations, discussions, and executive consulting to Organisations, Executives, Boards &Teams.

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