Panellist: Andrew Keast

Andrew has had over 20 years’ experience as a highly regarded, results-oriented professional across a wide range of industries across Australia and internationally, including Human Resources, HR and Recruitment Technology, hospitality and retail sectors.

Andrew is a campaigner, diplomat and ENFP according to Myers Briggs, which rings true to him on many, many levels. For most of his life, he has campaigned for and with organisations as a storyteller with the primary drive to inspire people to grow, learn and change. It is his passion to share stories of alternative ways of seeing, hearing and experiencing things that challenges us, opens us up and ultimately leads us to connect with ourselves and each other.

While he’s had extensive ‘professional’ experience and proven results, what really inspires Andrew is is following his passion to live a conscious, intentional, organic, cooperative, collaborative life. He views social enterprise and his work with Refugee Talent as one way in which he may be able to contribute to the wider community and humanity as a whole.