Panellist: Fiona Wynn

Fiona Wynn

Fiona is the Head of Culture, Inclusion and Innovation at Australia Post. A registered psychologist and experienced change leader, Fiona is working towards driving a more inclusive culture at Australia Post, where people from diverse backgrounds know and feel that they belong. In attracting and retaining diverse people, the business benefits from enhanced creativity and a climate that fosters innovation; which in turn creates new value for customers and shareholder alike. Most recently, Fiona has built internal programs to enable internal entrepreneurship to solve customer and community problems.

Fiona has had broad career experiences in London and Australia, having worked across industries from manufacturing to consulting, in roles including HR, organisational development and culture change. Fiona holds a Masters in Organisational Psychology from Monash University, a Bachelor of Science from the University of Melbourne and is currently undertaking the LEAD Certificate in Corporate Innovation at Stanford Graduate School of Business