Dean Foley

Technology helps us connect with the world around us. It has taken the centre stage in the relationship between entrepreneurship and global growth.

To meet today’s business challenges successfully, professionals must be able to bridge the worlds of technology and management. They also need to understand the functions of modern business, manage a variety of internal processes and engage with external stakeholders.

Come along to Dean Foley as he explores how Technology and Entrepreneurship can produce positive and sustainable change for First Nations people.

Dean served five years in the Royal Australian Air Force before founding Australia’s Indigenous business accelerator, Barayamal – now known as a world leader in Indigenous Entrepreneurship.

Dean is an action-oriented entrepreneur, Microsoft RAP Advisory Board Member, winner of the Indigenous Digital Excellence (IDX) Entrepreneurship Award, CSIRO STEM Professional Early Career Award Finalist, and proud Kamilaroi Man from the First Nations community in Gunnedah, NSW.