Izi Marmur


When faced with the need to summarise his life, Izi Marmur ended up mulling over some deep philosophical questions, such as ‘What is really important?’ and ‘Did I make the right choices?’

After completing Diploma of art and design, his first real job was in retail advertising where he learned about client briefs and deadlines. Following a long trip overseas, together with friends he formed All Australian Graffiti design and illustration studio.

After AAG disbanded Izi established Izigraphics, which has since gone through several incarnations, but still is the company which has been his source of income. Following a long stint as consulting Art Director at Clemengers BBDO, he established an advertising agency called Adforce Advertising. Eventually he opted to return to Izigraphics, with his wife Esther also joining the company.

Izi is a member of Artback Australia, a group of artists going on various locations to create art. Now that he’s mostly retired, he is able to devote more time to his art, and also to use his design skills and experience to assist with projects he considers worthy of support.

As the president of Australian Society of Polish Jews and their Descendants he has an opportunity to contribute to improving community relations.

Izi hopes that retirement will be a busy time, which he will do his best to make as enjoyable and as meaningful as possible.