Rezza Moieni

Rezza Moieni has been Project Director of Cultural Infusion since 2015. He was born in Tehran, Iran in 1979. Rezza has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and a master’s in Computer Science (Information Security).

He graduated as the top student of 2012 from University Teknologi Malaysia.   Rezza began his professional career as an Electronics engineer in 2001 at National Iranian Radio and Television and continued his career pathway as technical director and project manager of many national projects in the broadcasting industry in Iran.

Rezza has been project manager of many research and practical projects, including OCR, UGC, tape libraries, mass storage archives, speech to text, video and audio retrieval in AV archives.

All results are displayed in beautiful, understandable charts.  This digital tool was developed at Cultural Infusion, Melbourne under the direction of Rezza Moieni.

At this year’s Digital Humanity forum Rezza Moieni will introduce and demonstrate this amazing digital tool and discuss its applications and potential uses across the education, business and other sectors. Kindly bring along your own smart phone – you will be needing it for the demonstration.

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