Prof David Finkelstein

Prof Finkelstein trained as a neuro-physiologist, giving me a broad systems wide approach to health and disease. He has embraced this systems physiology approach with the aim of translating my work in the laboratory of bringing new compounds to the clinic. To this end, he has a holistic approach, recognising that to teamed up with People living with Parkinsons, Clinicians and the biotechnology industry is needed to bring drugs to the clinic.

The nature of his work is truly translational in that:
1) Over the last 5 year he was instrumental in the development the PBT434 compound with Prana\Alterity Biotechnology. PBT434 passed safety trials in 2019 and is planned for clinical trial in a Multiple System Atrophy and Parkinsons cohort soon after.
2) A compound Cu(ATSM) that I worked on with Collaborative MediciSnal Development\ Procypra has successfully (phase 1) tested in People Living with Parkinsons.

He enjoys the challenge of communicating modern science to the community.  He is currently on the Board of a Parkinson’s Victoria. Parkinson’s Victoria is he not for profit organisation that communicates complex changing medical issues to the public.