Prof Joseph M. Siracusa

Joseph M. Siracusa is Professor of Human Security and International Diplomacy and Senior Associate and President of Australia’s Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences.  Born and bred in Chicago and a long-time resident of Australia, he studied at the University of Denver and the University of Vienna and received his PhD from the University of Colorado (Boulder).

Professor Siracusa is a regular comentator at home and overseas, including ABC Televsion and Radio, CNN and the BBC. He has been widely interviewed on presidential politics, nuclear diplomacy and global security. He has worked as an account executive at Merrill Lynch; Reader in Diplomacy, University of Queensland; and senior fellow on Counter-terrorism, in the Key Centre for Ethics, Law, Justice and Governance, Griffith University.   Professor Siracusa has authored and co-authored more than three dozen books, including: Real-World Nuclear Deterrence: The Making of International Strategy (2006); Reagan, Bush, Gorbachev: Revisiting the End of the Cold War (2008); Nuclear Weapons: A Very Short Introduction ( 2nd ed., 2015); Globalization & Human Security (2009); America and the Cold War, 1941-1991: A Realist Interpretation, 2 vols. (2010, nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in History); Diplomacy: A Very Short Introduction (2010);  Crime Wars: The Global Intersection of Crime, Political Violence, and International Law (2011); A Global History of the Nuclear Arms Race: Weapons, Strategy, and Politics, 2 vols. (2013); American Foreign Relations since Independence (2013); The Death Penalty and U. S. Diplomacy (2013); A History of U. S. Nuclear Testing and its Influence on Nuclear Thought, 1945-1963 (2014); The SAGE Handbook of Globalization, 2 vols. (2014);  the  Language of Terror: How Neuroscience Influences Political Speech in the United States (2015); Presidential Doctrines: U. S. National Security from George Washington to Barack Obama (with Aiden Warren, 2016);  Weapons of Mass Destruction (withAiden Warren, 2017); Richard M. Nixon and European Integration: A Reappraisal (2018); and Going to War with Iraq: A Comparative History of the Bush Presidencies (2019). He is also a series co-editor of Rowman & Littlefield’s Weapons of Mass Destuction series.