Speed learning

What is a Speed Learning Session?

These collaborative and interactive sessions are one of the most popular ways to meet experts in various fields. This flexible format gives the participants an opportunity to listen to three different presentations and ask questions in an intimate seating arrangement.

What is the theme of the Forum’s Speed Learning Session?

The theme is “Connect”. We encourage you to focus on how your organisation forges relationships with communities, other organisations, businesses and the government. We would like to hear of projects you have delivered or are currently working on, lessons learned and challenges encountered along the way.

How will the Speed Learning Session work?

The 50-minute session is divided into three 13-minute segments plus 2 minutes for the changeover. There will be 8-10 organisations presenting at the same time in one room. Each organisation will present three times to a different audience. Each speed learning session is assigned to a cluster of chairs for 10-12 participants.

How will the participants be able to select a session?

Participants will be able to select a session they want to attend by finding a seat next to a clearly marked presentation spot, a bit like musical chairs.


1:30 – Facilitators give instructions to the audience (2 minutes)

1:32 – 1:35 – Participants are seated (3 minutes)

1:35 – 1:42 – Session 1 (10 minutes + 3 minutes for questions)

1:42 – 1:45 – Changeover (2 minutes)

1:45 – 1:58 – Session 2 (10 minutes + 3 minutes for questions)

1:58 – 2:10 – Changeover (2 minutes)

2:10 – 2:23 – Session 3 (10 minutes + 3 minutes for questions)