Winitha Bonney

Winitha Bonney is an expert in the future of work and is Australia’s first and foremost Thought Leader in the advancement of women of colour. She combines over 17 years of research and experience working as an entrepreneur to several startups as well as over 21 years of experience working in the corporate, for purpose and government sectors in various executive roles. 

Winitha has multiple tertiary qualifications and over 3 pages of professional development certifications. She is a life long learner who is committed to seeing women of colour succeed in career, business and life. 

She is also the founder of #ColourFULL, Australia’s first leadership and entrepreneurship conference and awards night by women of colour for women of colour and allies, and Amina of Zaria, a digital platform and private membership network and community to amplify the voices of women of colour and empower them to succeed in career, business and life.