6 things you will learn at the forum:

  1. How to Turn Diversity Into a Corportate Asset – from Australia’s biggest bank
  2. How to Build a Successful Diverse Workforce – from a rural food manufacturer
  3. How to Create a Pro-bono Program for Asylum Seekers – from a mid-tier law firm, a language services company and a community legal centre
  4. How to Promote Health Awareness Messages to Diverse Communities – from a major clothing retailer and a not-for-profit cancer organisation
  5. How to Discover Your Inner Shine – from a TV celebrity
  6. How Deaf People Can Do Anything – from a deaf superstar olympian


Venue and date announcement!

We almost can’t believe it, VicForum 2017 is just around the corner! This means that we’ll be making some very important and exciting decisions in the coming weeks and giving you the exciting updates.

We now have secured the date and venue of our conference. It will be held on 24 March 2017 at Russell Kennedy Lawyer’s head office in Melbourne.