Disrupt-Create-Connect: The Business of Multiculturalism in Victoria is a leading-edge industry forum; it will once again feature as part of the Cultural Diversity Week celebrations. To be held on 24 March 2017, at the Russell Kennedy Lawyers conference centre.

The forum, led by Polaron Language Services in partnership with the Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria (ECCV) has a number of supporting partners, including:

The forum will explore key multicultural issues and help connect business, government and diverse communities themselves, showcasing examples of inspirational practice and innovative solutions.


  • To start a conversation on the challenges business, government and non-for-profit organisations face when working with the culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Victoria
  • To identify innovations and technological advancements transforming the delivery of services and recruitment of employees from diverse backgrounds
  • To explore the themes of multiculturalism, diversity and inclusion and what they mean in today’s world
  • To enable participants from all sectors to take ideas back to their businesses and organisations


We are expecting 100 delegates representing businesses, various levels of government and community organisations


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