The Australasian Association of Language Companies (AALC) Inc. is an organisation formed to promote the interests of language service providers in Australia and New Zealand. The AALC speaks with authority and credibility on behalf of its members on policy and commercial issues. The AALC works with its strong network of like minded companies and industry experts to achieve significant outcomes for the entire language services… Continue reading AALC

Australian National University

The ANU Centre for European Studies (ANUCES) is the oldest research centre in Australia focused on the study of Europe and the European Union. It is an ANU–wide platform for research and collaboration with Europe, with strong links to government and industry. ANUCES focuses the talents of hundreds of researchers, teachers and students on a… Continue reading Australian National University

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Diversity and inclusion is integral part of our culture, values and the way we do business – it’s part of our DNA. It offers tangible benefits for our employees, customers, shareholders and the communities in which we serve. Australia is one of the world’s top 3 culturally diverse nations, 25% of the population were born… Continue reading Commonwealth Bank of Australia


NAATI is a company that is jointly owned by the nine governments of Australia. Our mission is to set and maintain high national standards in translating and interpreting to enable the existence of a pool of certified translators and interpreters responsive to the changing needs and demography of the Australian community. Our core focus is… Continue reading NAATI

Polish Australian Business Forum

The Polish Australian Business Forum was created in 2015 as a primary business platform for Polish professionals and leaders in Australia. Members of the Forum are a varied blend of natives of Poland living and working in Australia, Australians of Polish origins, and even an extended multicultural network of individuals who are interested in and… Continue reading Polish Australian Business Forum


Polaron is an international business with expertise, networks and systems that empowers people and organisations by connecting them to the global community. Our range of services is based on sustainable and ethical practice that cuts through red tape and delivers a tailored solution for our clients, one at a time. Our mission is to transform… Continue reading Polaron

Refugee Talent

Refugee Talent is a social enterprise matching refugees & migrants looking for work with companies offering opportunities. We provide an online employment platform where companies can easily find highly skilled diverse talent and offer a range of employment opportunities. More than 350 companies are working with us from government departments, corporates, SME’s and startups. We are… Continue reading Refugee Talent

Victorian Multicultural Commission

The Victorian Multicultural Commission (the Commission) is a conduit for the voices of Victoria’s culturally and linguistically diverse communities. We advocate with, for, and on behalf of multicultural communities, providing independent advice to all tiers of government. We strengthen communities by promoting the benefits of diversity; supporting their participation in the social, cultural, economic and… Continue reading Victorian Multicultural Commission


Wattleshire is a youthful consultancy that works with individuals and organisations on understanding multi-generational workforce and consumers including Millennials & Generation Z engagement; as well as cultural interactions of offshore/ onshore global intergenerational workforce and consumers. Wattleshire also works with clients on the skills and knowledge required for the Future including cultural intelligence, intra- and… Continue reading Wattleshire